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What's New

  • Washington State Jump$tart Coalition awarded coalition of the year and was presented with an award at the Annual Conference in Washington D.C.

Financial Education

For too long, families have struggled to understand our tax system, how to balance their personal budgets, and make thoughtful investments that will protect their longevity. As your State Treasurer, I feel a moral obligation to connect our classrooms to the best resources available so that the next generation makes sound financial decisions that strengthen our economy.

I believe that it is never too early or too late to begin learning the importance of saving money. On this page you will find resources for children, parents, teachers, and professionals who are interested in improving their financial literacy.

K-12 Financial Education

Non-profit organizations dedicated to providing financial literacy resources to children, young adults, and educators.

Financial Education Games

Financial Football is a fun and engaging way to learn about financing and budgeting for the future. This interactive game is for kid young and old. Also included is an extensive curriculum for financial education teachers.

   Financial Football

Click Here to Play

Financial Education Resources

Savings for the Future