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How to Buy Washington Bonds

When the next retail sale is scheduled, we will post on this website a summary of the bonds, the Prelimiary Official Statement, as well as the list of participating brokerage firms. In general, the process for buying Washington Bonds is:

  • Learn About the Bonds

    When the Preliminary Official Statement is published, about a week to ten days prior to the sale date, read the entire document.  Any offer for bonds will be made solely by means of an Official Statement. The Official Statement includes information concerning the bonds to inform investment decisions.

    The Preliminary Official Statement, issued in advance of a bond sale, speaks only as of its date and is subject to revision and completion in a Final Official Statement, which is available after the sale of the bonds.

  • Consult a tax or financial advisor
  • Contact a broker

    Bonds cannot be purchased directly from the State. You must have an account with a registered brokerage firm participating in the bond sale. If you do not already have an account with a participating firm, open a new account. Investors are encouraged to begin the new account process well in advance of the sale as new account procedures may be time-intensive.

    The State does not endorse any firm listed as a participating firm. Participating firms do not have a contractual or other relationship with the State and are under no obligation to sell the bonds to investors.

  • Place your order