The Washington State Investment Board (WSIB) manages investments for 34 separate funds including:

  • 17 retirement plans (defined benefit and defined contribution) for public employees, teachers, school employees, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and judges. This also includes the Deferred Compensation Program to supplement other retirement benefits.
  • 5 industrial insurance funds for injured workers and their employers.
  • 7 permanent funds to benefit schools, colleges, and universities.
  • 5 other trust funds that consist of the GET College Tuition Program, the Developmental Disabilities Endowment Fund, and the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship Fund.

Assets for the public retirement plans are pooled into a Commingled Trust Fund (CTF) to help control risk and ensure stronger performance overall. Most of these pension systems are strictly defined benefit programs including the 1 & 2 plans for public employees, teachers, law enforcement officers and firefighters, state patrol, volunteer firefighters, and judges.