Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax (MVFT)

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Refunds to Island and San Juan Counties
Maritime Historic Preservation
Meike Pearson

Authority:RCW 46.68.090
RCW 46.68.110
RCW 46.68.120
RCW 46.68.122
RCW 46.68.124

Distribution:To cities, towns, and counties.
Frequency:Monthly.Description:Taxes on motor vehicle fuels from prior month’s collections of the preceding month’s station sales to be used for construction, improvements, and repair of highways, streets and roads.
BARS Code:Cities: 336.00.87
Counties: 335.00.89

Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Refund

Authority:RCW 46.68.110 (1) and (2)
RCW 46.68.120 (1) and (3)


Description:The unused portions of amounts deducted for state supervision and studies costs, which are then reimbursed to cities and counties in proportion to the deductions made.

BARS Code:Cities: 336.00.87
Counties: 335.00.89