Liquor Profits

Contacts:Colin O’Neill/LCB
Phone: 360.664.4552
Distribution:To cities, towns and counties.
Frequency:Quarterly in March, June, September and December.
Description:Moneys residing in the Liquor Revolving Fund 501 that have not been received for specific purpose by law. Local governments receive, in aggregate, an amount designated by the legislature in accordance with RCW 66.24.065. Three tenths of one percent is first distributed to border areas according to a formula prescribed by RCW 66.08.196. From the remaining amount available for local governments, eighty percent is distributed to cities and towns based on population and twenty percent is distributed to counties based on unincorporated population. Two percent of the total distributed to any local government must be spent on alcoholism treatment programs. Any moneys received in excess of the amount designated by the legislature for local governments is transferred by the Liquor Control Board to the general fund.

BARS Code:336.06.95

Border Areas

Authority:RCW 43.63A.190 RCW 66.08.190 RCW 66.08.195 RCW 66.08.196

Description:Three tenths of one percent of liquor excess profits are distributed to certain cities and counties according to a formula prescribed by the RCW.