Federal Forest Receipts

Contacts: Nancy Morris/OST
Phone: 360.902.8961
FAX: 360.704.5159
E-mail: Revenue.Distribution@tre.wa.gov
Kris Sell/USDA – Portland
Phone: 503.808.2304
FAX: 503.808.2467
E-mail: ksell@fs.fed.us
Authority: RCW 28A.520.010
RCW 28A.520.020
16 USC 500

Distribution: To counties participating in federal forest distributions.
Frequency: Annually, after the end of the federal fiscal year, usually in December.
Description: The Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000 (PL 106-393) provides Counties in which national forest areas are situated the option of a “full payment amount” based on a share of the state’s highest three years from 1986 to 1999 or an amount based on actual receipts. Washington counties selected the “full payment amount”. The counties receive payments of Title I and Title III from the Office of the State Treasurer. The Title I amount is then divided to be used 50 percent for the schools and 50 percent for schools or roads. The Title III money is to be used for county projects. The entire distribution of Titles I and III is distributed after the end of the federal fiscal year. 
BARS Code: Federal Forest Roads/Schools – 333.10.68
Federal Forest Schools – 000.00.00
Federal Forest Title III – 332.10.70