Meet the Treasurer’s Staff: Administrative Consultant Tammy Risner

Meet the Treasurer's Staff: Tammy Risner

Tammy Risner is an Administrative Consultant in the Legislative Building at the Office of the State Treasurer (OST), where she has worked for 31 years.

Her responsibilities include:

  • Office Manager and Supervisor of reception desk
  • Vault Manager
  • Produces the Monthly and Annual Reports.
  • Work Orders, Card Keys, and Parking.
  • Handles all Telecommunication needs for the agency.

30 Years & Few Office Gates

Tammy spent the first part of her career working for Employment Security then at the Department of Transportation before settling at OST. The Treasurer’s Office has had the most staff longevity with at least 40 percent having worked there 30-45 years. Tammy says the reason for that is it is one of the best agencies in state government.

She is now working under her fifth State Treasurer and has seen many changes from the staff to remodeling. She laughs about an office gate that was there when she was hired in 1986, taken out in 1989, put back in 1997, taken out 2009, and remains gone. She is sure the gate is somewhere in storage waiting for its next appearance.

Running the Front Office

Tammy prides herself on great customer service and feels that the most important hub of any agency is the front office. The staff that answers the telephones and greets the office guests/customers are an absolute reflection on the agency as a whole. Making sure each caller gets to the correct person and each guest/customer feels welcome and comfortable are integral to an agency’s success.

Tammy also takes care of her coworkers’ office space needs, often submitting work orders to build, move, or remodel their spaces when needed.

Tammy has been married to her husband/best friend Michael for 28 years, they have one son named Dylon who is 26 and owns his own small business in Seattle. Michael is retired out of Operating Engineers Local 302 and 612. Ironically, while OST was financing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Project Tammy’s husband Michael took part in building it.

Tammy and her husband enjoy camping, fishing, clam digging, and vacationing in sunny Arizona where her parents live.