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Personal Finance Resources - Get Smart About Your Money

The Financial Literacy page is designed to help citizens and their families learn more about their own finances. Information about home ownership, credit card management, interest rates, and retirement planning can be found below.

General Financial Education

For Kids

Non-profit organizations dedicated to providing financial literacy resources to children, young adults, and educators.


Learn how to manage your personal debt, monitor your credit history, and comprehend credit cards.

Home Ownership

Health Savings Accounts

Savings for the Future

  • America Saves: a savings resource provided by a non-profit, government, and corporate partnership.
  • Choose to Save: provided by the Employee Benefit Research Institute
  • Building Wealth: Provided by the Dallas Federal Reserve
  • Feed the Pig: a service of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Purchasing Bonds

  • Treasury Direct: buy securities directly from the US Department of the Treasury

Federal Grants and Business Opportunities

Consumer Protection