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General Contact Information

Street Address:
416 Sid Snyder Avenue SW
Legislative Building, Room 230

Mailing Address:
PO Box 40200
Olympia, WA 98504-0200

Phone: 360.902.9000
TTY Users: dial 711
Fax - General: 360.902.9037
Fax - Debt: 360.902.9045
Fax Investments: 360.902.9044

Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Contact Us


Duane A. Davidson, Treasurer 360.902.9001
Brenda Snyder, Executive Assistant 360.902.9033


Shawn Myers, Assistant Treasurer 360.902.9002
Dan Mason, Budget and Fiscal Director 360.902.9090


Shad Pruitt, Deputy Treasurer 360.902.8904

Accounting Services

  Megan Dietz, Director 360.902.8903
  Linda Lund, Treasury Accounting Manager 360.902.8956
  Cindy Shave, Investment Accounting Manager 360.902.8953
  Donna Harrington, Agency Accounting Manager 360.902.8958
  Vacant, Revenue Distribution Manager 360.902.8961
  OST In-Process Form  

Cash Management Unit

  Sue Penley, Director 360.902.8914
  Ryan Pitroff, Banking Services Manager 360.902.8917
  Merchant Card and Lockbox Services 360.902.8917
  Lesa Williams, ACH & Deposits Manager 360.902.8911

Warrant Management Unit

  Mary Ann Johnson, Warrant Services Manager 360.902.8985

Debt Management

Johnna Craig, Acting Deputy Treasurer 360.902.8912


Doug Extine, Deputy Treasurer 360.902.9012
LGIP - Toll Free 800.331.3284

Public Deposit Protection Commission (PDPC)

Amy Perry, Administrator 360.902.9077

Treasury Management System (TM$)

Graham Hagen, TM$ Authorization 360.902.8923
Paul Felix, TM$ Technical Support 360.902.8926